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V.К. Каrimova

National Center for biotechnology, 13/1 Valikhanova str., Astana, 010000, Kazakhstan

G.К. Magzumova

National Center for biotechnology, 13/1 Valikhanova str., Astana, 010000, Kazakhstan

А.А. Кakimzhanova

National Center for biotechnology, 13/1 Valikhanova str., Astana, 010000, Kazakhstan


In vitro studies of Populus alba L. and Populus bolleana L. poplars were performed to optimize the mode of sterilization of explants, determine the composition of the culture medium for the cultivation of Murashige and Skoog (MS) axillary buds, and select the ideal temperatures for the microshoots.

In order to produce in vitro cultures of the bosom buds of male Populus alba L. and Populus bolleana L. poplars, a sterilization method (Tween-20 and 90% Belizna solution treatment for 20 min) of explants of the two poplar species was selected. Of the 679 axillary buds of poplar and silver Bolle that were cultivated on MS nutrient medium, the number of viable explants was 488 (71.9%).

For the cultivation of the axillary buds of Populus alba L. and Populus bolleana L., a cultivation medium consisting of MS medium and the plant phytohormones kinetin (0.25 mg/L) and indole acetic acid (0.25 mg/L) was used.

For the in vitro cultivation of microshoots, a temperature regimen was selected. The comparison of three temperatures (8°C, 22°C, and 28°C) showed active growth of the bosom buds of the two poplar species at 22°C.


Populus alba L., Populus bolleana L., bosom buds, cultivation medium, in vitro

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