The Study of Bacteria-Destructors of Organic Pollution from Collection of Microorganisms

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A.A Kurmanbayev

National Center for Biotechnology, Korgalzhyn highway, 13/5, Astana, Kazakhstan

Zh. A. Baigonussova

National Center for Biotechnology, Korgalzhyn highway, 13/5, Astana, Kazakhstan


To replenish the collection of microorganisms 125 strains of oil-decomposing bacteria were isolated. 34 bacterial isolates were isolated from enrichment cultures, consuming sodium dodecyl sulfate as the only carbon source. As a result, it was found that the most active were 20 isolates. 65 isolates of microorganisms were isolated from the reservoir waters of Western Kazakhstan, oil sludge and waste waters by the method of enrichment cultures. The most active were 47 isolates. It was found that the ability to dispose of oil was greatest in the isolate, which disposed of oil by 73%.  26 isolates capable of decomposing fat were isolated from wastewater in Astana. 16 Isolates revealed the highest lipase activity.


isolates, bacterial strain, destructor of surfactant, industrial-value strains

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