Express Method for Species idenTification of Livestock Products Based on Multiplex PCR

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R. Kalendar

National Center for Biotechnology, 13/5, Korgalzhyn road, Nur-Sultan, 010000, Kazakhstan

R. Bektayev

National Center for Biotechnology, 13/5, Korgalzhyn road, Nur-Sultan, 010000, Kazakhstan


Food falsification has direct impact on public health, fair-trades and wildlife. A test system for simultaneous detecting DNA of Bos taurus/Ovis aries, Equus cabalus, Sus scrofa, Canis lupus, Mus musculus/Rattus rattus species, and Homo sapiens in livestock products was developed. Species-specific primers sets were designed targeting SINE repeat elements. Screening of target species in commercial sausages reflected its application to detect target species in process foods. The assay was tested to detect at least 0.01 pg DNA under suspected meats in sausages. The high sensitivity and specificity of species identification proposed method was shown. The possibility of using the developed test system for assessing the qualitative composition of various food products was demonstrated.


multiplex PCR, repeat element, livestock product, food authentication

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