Aims and Scope

Journal “Eurasian Journal of Applied Biotechnology” publishes reviews and original fundamental and applied works in the field of medical, agricultural and ecological biotechnology.

The journal publishes articles in hard copy and online ( The journal does not accept preliminary or incomplete work. Published manuscripts are sent to the corresponding author in the form of typeset publication together with electronic version of the publication. If the authors do not respond after contacting specified address or telephone number, the journal reserves the right to delay publication of the manuscript.

Criteria for publication of a manuscript:        

• relevance of the problem that is being solved;

• correctness of experimental work and interpretation of research results;

• reproducibility of experimental data;

• clarity and consistency of the text;

• preparation of manuscripts should follow requirements of the journal.


Journal “Eurasian Journal of Applied Biotechnology” publishes 4 issues in a year. A working language of the journal is English, Russian, Kazakh.